About us

The IAVS Young Scientists are an official section of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) since October 2014.

IAVS2014Young Scientist_sml2
IAVS Young Scientists at the 2014 IAVS Symposium in Perth, Australia

Our purposes are:

(a) Promoting the connectivity between young scientists of the IAVS
(b) Creating a network to improve personal and scientific communication between young scientists and to gain more experience in the current issues of ecology around the world
(c) Encouraging young people to present their own data, exchanging experiences and initiatives
(d) Facilitating international research collaborations between young scientists
(e) Serving as a support network for young scientists in the vegetation science
(f) Provide a more formal way for young scientists to communicate their needs to the Society

We loosely define “Young Scientists” as those persons at an early stage in their career in Vegetation Science, regardless of age or enrolment status at a university.

We are governed by bylaws and led by a steering committee.

If you wish to join, please do so by joining our listserv.  Everyone is welcome to join.

Please visit the what we do page to see what we’ve been up to lately.